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“ “It’s what’s inside that counts,” we’ve always heard that phrase and even some of us take it as their life motive, however studies have shown otherwise, of course what’s inside is important, but looks play a significant part. Many Studies have concluded that being attractive boosts confidence and confidence is key for succeeding in a task or even socially. That is why I have dedicated all of my life to make women look and feel more attractive. “

Dr. Marian Nader
CEO & Founder of Be Happy Cosmetic Clinic

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We are striving to become one of the leading aesthetic clinics in the region and for Dr. Marian to become one of the most influential female Doctors in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine.




Applying the latest and highest quality products and technologies to enhance your appearance tremendously without totally changing your identity.


Images speak louder than words, so there is some before and after picture to see yourself.